Investments and Partnerships

Netonomy - Sunrise Ventures


Provides customer self-service solutions for communications industry.
Acquired by Allot Communications in 2018.
Datapower - Sunrise Ventures


Help improve the performance, security and management of business processes.
Acquired by IBM.
Myrio - Sunrise Ventures


Sells products to telcos to deliver digital video, television, and video on demand over an IP network infrastructure.
Acquired by Siemens.
Vocera Communications - Sunrise Ventures

Vocera Communications

Provides secure, integrated communication solutions for mobile workers in healthcare, hospitality, and retail.
nLight - Sunrise Ventures


Develops and manufactures semiconductor and fiber lasers for industrial, aerospace, and defense applications.
Isilon Systems - Sunrise Ventures

Isilon Systems

Provides intelligent clustered storage systems for digital content.
Acquired by Dell EMC in 2010.
Valchemy - Sunrise Ventures


Provides an online tool enabling deal participants to track and share all M&A activities and documents.
Acquired by IBM.
Nexuschips - Sunrise Ventures


Is a S. Korean company that developed the industry's first 3D graphic acceleration camera chip for mobile devices.
Motricity - Sunrise Ventures


Provides mobile data services, exclusively focusing on mobile Internet.
Sub-org of Voltari now.
Roku - Sunrise Ventures


Operates a TV streaming platform that allows users to discover and access various movies and TV episodes.
Nethra - Sunrise Ventures


Provides network systems for securing, monitoring, and controlling critical network infrastructure.
Acquired by Imagination Technologies in 2012.
RadioPulse - Sunrise Ventures


Is a S. Korean company that developed innovative wireless network technology solutions.
Acquired by Ixys in 2015
Palantir Technologies - Sunrise Ventures

Palantir Technologies

Develops software platforms for the intelligence community and government operatives in the defense and intelligence sectors.
Roblox - Sunrise Ventures


Develops an online entertainment platform that allows users to explore 3D digital worlds and a tool set.
Etsy - Sunrise Ventures


Operates two-sided online marketplaces that connect buyers and seller in its various retail categories.
Smartsheet - Sunrise Ventures


Provides cloud-based platform that enables teams and organizations to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work.
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