Where We Invest

Rapidly changing market dynamics motivated us to realign and broaden our investment focus to diverse technologies associated with AI, 5G, IoT, AR/VR, robotics, and bio-science. We primarily focus on expansion stage companies that can exit within three years. But we make exceptions for early-stage companies that bring to the table truly disruptive technology products. Once we make an investment, we become a proactive participant in growth-driven activities on behalf of the company we invest in.
Where We Invest - Sunrise Ventures LLC
Investment Criteria - Sunrise Ventures LLC

Investment Criteria

We prefer investing in mid-stage stage companies, but make an exception for early stage companies with compelling technology and products. For high-end investments, we bring in a global investment company as a lead investor, and we take the position of a follow-on investor, or a strategic partner, to make sure a deal happens even when we are not at the forefront. We use the following criteria for investments:

• Disruptive technology
• Management team with a proven track record
• Market leader in the markets they serve
• Clearly defined exit strategy

Advisory Services

We provide additional services to our portfolio companies to help them secure large-account customers by mobilizing our global network of entrepreneurs, industry executives, and commercial liaison officers. We also use a vast database for domestic and global projects and trade opportunities to accelerate revenue generation opportunities on behalf of our portfolio companies. These services significantly accelerate the process of a successful exit.
Advisory Services - Sunrise Ventures LLC
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