Our Team

Sunrise Ventures has an experienced diverse team of investment and analytical professionals with venture capital, analytics, and C-level management experiences. Before investing in a company, we typically assemble a team that has relevant expertise and experiences in the invested company's technology or services industry.

The same team remains involved with the company and is available throughout the investment cycle. By utilizing a team approach, we guarantee that every portfolio company receives a personalized attention. We take pride in being a value-added investor by bringing more than money to the table.
Our Team - Sunrise Ventures LLC
Our Strength - Sunrise Ventures LLC

Our Strength

We have an extensive network of investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders who always look for next generation technologies that can change the world. Often, we work with them to speed up the process of market entry, competitive positioning, market leadership, and investment returns by creating an integrated platform that combines differentiating technologies, open funding sources, and preemptive market positioning.
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